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Energican Ltée is a geothermal company that has installed hundreds of geothermal systems since 1984. In view of the spiraling oil and electricity prices, geothermal energy will soon become the only sustainable and affordable energy supply. Ask anyone who owns a geothermal system how much he or she pays for energy: you'll be surprised. Thanks to recent financial assistance from the federal government and Hydro-Quebec, now is an ideal moment to move on to geothermal energy.

Your walking on a free energy source!

Your land can become your heating and cooling energy source. Now you can own a safe, reliable, quiet, cost-efficient and eco-friendly heating and cooling system. Geothermal energy represents state-of-the-art technology in the heating and cooling field. Compared to an electric furnace, geothermal energy can help you save from 50 up to 70% on your heating bills.

5 types of installations

Closed horizontal loop system
Polyethylene pipes are buried in 100 to 500 feet long trenches. A mixing of water and antifreeze flows in the closed loop piping, which requires little pumping energy. Contrary to popular belief, a horizontal loop is very efficient. It can even be more efficient than a vertical loop of equal length in water-soaked ground. When the necessary acreage is available, this type of exchange system is to be considered in priority, for its low cost installation, as well as its efficiency, reliability and quick return on investment.

Closed vertical loop system
Polyethylene pipes are inserted in 200 to 500 feet long drilled wells. A mixing of water and antifreeze flows in the closed loop piping, which requires little pumping energy. The vantage of this type of exchange system is the small space it takes on your plot, which allows high capacity systems to be installed in very limited spaces. If it is properly conceived, this type of exchange system is the most efficient, because in the winter, deep ground temperature is higher than sub-surface ground temperature. The downside of a vertical loop system is its price. The installation of a vertical loop system is the most expensive because it often requires the use of a drill rig, which is expensive to purchase and operate. Moreover, accessing the site with drilling equipment is not always possible.

Closed loop coupled with solar panel system NEW!
Evacuated tubes solar panel are coupled to a closed loop system. All the energy produced by the solar panels is stored in the earth and extracted by the heat pump when needed.

Open loop system
Subterranean water is used without piping to exchange heat with the ground, which requires more pumping energy than closed loop systems. Pumping power depends on the groundwater level and on the necessary energy to inject water back in the ground. This system is the cheapest when purchased, but it is also the less secure, because there is no guarantee for the quality and quantity of water that will be available throughout the years. Moreover, poor quality subterranean water might clog and damage the system equipment.

Lake closed loop system
Polyethylene pipes are laid at the bottom of a lake. This process requires a lake that is deep enough, so that the pipes always stay underwater, protected from freezing.


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