Business solutions :
Save money with no investment!

We have heard you. Company owners are ready to move on to a clean energy while reducing the cost of their energy bills. Nevertheless, this must not affect the company’s results through heavy investments with low pay back.

nergican Ltée will undertake the conception, the purchase and the installation of your system. A rental contract for the new green equipment will be signed and you will save money as soon as the geothermal system is active.

How to procede?

Step # 1 :
Energican Ltée meets you at your place in order to calculate your energetic needs and to confirm a preliminary validation of the site land, and also to check if the space needed for the installation of geothermal exchange and heat pump system is available.

Step # 2 :
Energican Ltée’s send you an offer including:
  • A firm price for the purchase or the rental of the system equipment to be installed
  • An estimate of the grants that will be given.
  • An estimate of the energetic costs compared to your present expenses

Step # 3 :
Once our offer is accepted, Energican Ltée undertakes the development of engineering plans in order to define with accuracy the new systems precise location and capacity. Of course, the conception is a collaborative process with you, so that the installed system is perfectly adapted to your building.

Step # 4 :
Once the conception is completed and the permits are obtained, the installation of the system is done without interrupting your daily operational activities.

Step # 5 :
Once the system is fully installed, commissioned and activated, Energican Ltée monthly billing will start.


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